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Couple days ago I was going to purchase a few items from top hatter until I found them not only cheaper but closer and faster so I canceled the orders I have on my account with the top header wallet $65 today I've tried to purchase cell phones try to bid on three actually and I've been restricted for buying anything for 24 hours and that has pissed me off very bad I don't know who tophattered or you think you are I'm a grown man that's my money I should be able to spend it on anything I want whenever I want however I want it's not yours yet it's mine again I'll tell you it's my money I can do anything I want with it but you placing restrictions on me I wasn't able to bid on the phones therefore I could have got three phones for my $60 but the restriction made it where I couldn't buy anything so I am not only upset I'm about to go through the roof I'll contact my bank and they'll tell me that I can spend my money whenever I want on anything I want so I intend on getting my dispute forms from the bank and I'll make sure that they take that money just as fast as you hold it for me you got the wrong one I'm a grown man I will not be disrespected and I expect compensation otherwise I'll close out this account get rid of the app get on social media and let everybody know exactly what you're doing and you'll lose potential customers this is quick as you put your little cheap things online this is as fast as they buy I'll make sure you lose your customers just as fast as I put stuff on social media it's my money you should not be able to tell me when I can spend it I'm not a child you're not going to hold my allowance for 24 hours I'm going to make sure my bank takes it within 24 hours I've contacted you several times with no response and there's really no number to call because it's a scam it's a just out of answering machine with a recording over and over you guys are scam artists and it said anti Amazon yeah right Amazon's 10 times better than you 20 times 100 times so is eBay so is every other app see customers are hard to come by your app isn't neither is your company and the cheap products that you send and sell I can get on Google play right now and find 50 sites just like yours in a matter of seconds you're nothing customers make companies and I think you forgot that well now it's time you found the right one and he's going to remind you

User's recommendation: Don't use tophatter that's my recommendation find a site like eBay Amazon where it's within the United States and not in Hong Kong China and waiting in customs and stuff like that you'll get your items 10 times faster probably five times cheaper and you'll be happy with Amazon eBay but don't use tophatter I'm telling you they take your money and put charges on your card when you didn't even use it and then the stuff you did buy they try to do stuff like this.

Preferred solution: Not only would I like an apology I would like compensation for being embarrassed so I think that the amount I have in the top editor wallet on the website should be doubled I also think that the three items I tried to bid on and was restricted from for 24.

Tophatter Pros: Pros is cheap items cons is again cheap items.

Tophatter Cons: Will not allow me to spend my own money that they already have.

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