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when i first discovered tophatter i was so happy, i bid on all kinds of merchandise and while you were bidding you could ask questions from the seller, then there format was changed i could no longer ask questions and they had all auctions going on all at the same time where as before you would click on a site and almost get personalized attention from the seller----now it is a hodge podge of stuff that i liken to bait and switch, i would see a very beautiful top and when it came it was not even in the size i ordered, and they wont let me get a refund. and there were other things like i won the auction for a beautiful hand bag but a week later i was told i was given a refund but i still dont have a refund. another time i won a auction for a 3-d printer for 68.00 i was so happy but then my money was refunded because i was told it was worth much more than what i won it for ,so basicly i got cheated because not enough people were in the auction--- DONT WAIST YOUR MONEY --ITS A SCAM!!!!!

Reason of review: bait and switch, refunded because seller didnt sell it for enough money---SCAM.

Monetary Loss: $900.

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Tophatter needs to be taken down if it can’t protect its customers. I bought makeup and it was all counterfeit from several different sellers.

I couldn’t even return some of it. Counterfeit makeup is dangerous, like if you buy a top and it’s way too small compared to the advertised size, that’s annoying, but it’s not dangerous.

Chemical burns and rat *** in counterfeit makeup is a very real and dangerous concern. Get it together tophatter


I bought a robot vacuum for 30 bucks , then later tophatter said the product was damaged and gave me a refund, I believe it was because they didn't get enough people to bid and the cost was to low to sell.


They auction all junk 1/2 the stuff that I got has either fallen apart or turned color. This sight is a joke.




I have won several bids.And everything I got except oofor one Item was so cheaply mad and doesn't work.I will never order from them again.


I have been tophatting for a couple months now and for the most part have been happy with my stuff......now I am starting to see some questionable things that are being done such as starting the bids higher than the $1. that they advertise and not providing a tracking number when the item hits the United States or the tracking number they furnish cannot be tracked by USPS.When you only pay a dollar or two but the the shipping is $7 or 8 or 9$ then it gets spendy.My camcorder was to be here on the 9th and I am being told I have to wait 60 days b4 I can a refund when the so called package reached the US on the 22/May....even I know you can drive to my destination in less than a week.TopHatter is getting very questionable and not trustworthy.


i bought an HDTV antenna needless to say it does not work in box info was poorer,, info on boxwas not there I do not rember seller. I am just upset with everything


I bought those micro fiber 10 pk cloths.And the are worth nothing. They are so cheaply made and very thin.I am very disappointed in them.


I too feel mislead on items for sale on TopHatther. Every piece of jewelry I bought was cheaply made Most earrings arrived with broken posts.

I bought one ring that turned my finger green in 3 days. Some sellers list their jewelry items as 14k gold. It is not 14k just because there is a stamp that says 14k the buyers are lead to believe they are getting a really good deal. What is done the item is simply covered in 14k color.

Real jewelry is stamped 14kt. that is the correct marking for real gold. The sellers are getting away with it. If you read the details of item it says the correct metal it is made of.

To me that's flat lying and something should be done. I bought this big throw rug. The picture that was showing item, the rug was real plush and pretty. The picture showed the rug in front of a average size couch the rug was the length of the couch and a good 5ft.

wide. What I got was a tiny little 2x2 ft. brown cheap material rug. I was mad !!

this time I took the time to complain, I sent TOPHATTER a pcture of the rug I bought in front of my couch. I did get my money refunded. But it is things like this that goes on all the time. Once in a while there are some decent items worth buying.

I think more people need to be aware of how this site operates. Like I said the jewelry is the biggest rip-off.


I wish I had read your complaint sooner and I am beginning to see the bait and switch tactic on high dollar items.


I stopped bidding on things like earrings every pair I got the post were broke or ready too. I paid for a pair of shoes I never got the shoes, I checked on them and it stated they had been delivered, no I never got them, I was told they were delivered.

I live in apartments, when the mail is to big the post lady puts the mail in a larger box with a one way key. To this day I never had that money refunded. I was told by TopHatter the shoes were delivered,,I was not happy. They sell rings etc and say they are 14k they are not period it is miss leading, people think it's 14kt gold, make sure to read all of it, it's usually gold over silver etc.

Also you see it on top hatter check in ebay ebay is usually cheaper.

People don't realize those drone planes are only 40.00. geez what a mess

to Anonymous #1478024

Yes the jewelry is not what you think. Most of it is junk.

Real gold has a stamp of 14kt.

notice how that 14k is played up to make the buyer think they are getting a nice piece of jewelry. You have to take the time to read the rest of what it is.


Watch out you say things bad about them they cut you off not right going to file a complaint about them


Watch out for all the coins they are marked up and the prices to buy them were there no there gone those were marked way up two which I had bided on coins that were $8.00 but to buy them it was $99.00 dollars they took the prices away because they are not worth much at all. Buyer beware stay away


If you do ant bidding on this site do all your home work and read the consumer reports, beware and be careful good luck and happy bidding Jay ville man


I won items that I wanted an when I got them nothing that I got was the same as advertised SCAM


I have won seven or eight items on tophatter, and I am very satisfied with all my purchases. It took about three weeks for my stuff to arrive, but I was told up front when to expect my orders-it was spot on when to expect The items were as advertised, no complaints so far


I've recently started bidding on tophatter.com and what they make their item (s) look like, definitely is NOT what is delivered. I had to laugh at the micky mouse writing/digital drawing they sent me.

Ridiculous! Then they delivered it to wrong place, I just want a refund.


That happen to me its a scam legal because they sent you on wrench but they show you a set. I got stuff that things are missing and looks good in picture when you get it it is Junk so beware of the cheap drones,coins and other things do your homework before bidding and the show you a fake mark up prices when the stuff is very cheap.

? Buyer Beware


Be very careful on what you buy. Example they will show a whole set of wrenches but reading the description your only bidding on one wrench not the whole set.

Another thing watch the shipping you may buy something for $2 USD but the shipping may be 8 or 9 USD so you really are paying upwards of 10 dollars for a 2 dollar item. This is a clear case of buyer beware READ THE DESCRIPTIONS!

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