I had registered in October to Tophatter app. I accidentally touched the screen on bidding and I paid for the items.

So tried to figure out about the rules and how to do the rules to do ordering, how cancel orders,,following the orders, ....I had never order anything on line before. I frustrated, ended crying. So I messed up everything that could happen. ..

tried re reading all of rules. And so I ended up paying for items that I touched by holding my phone the wrong way. I must have tried looking up Tophatters on my phone so many times that was stupid.. And kept checking my balance on my credit card so my orders would go through .

so I wouldnt go over my limit Not one mple thing was right. The last time I ordered items again I checked balance on credit card. Then I phone and checked if I had enough money to pay for orders. Was told I had enough.

So I ordered the last 2 items , Then all *** broke out. I finally found out that I went over my limit. I was suspended .

So I have no way to know where my order are shipped, held back or lost.This has been a nightmare from beginning to the end. Sent

User's recommendation: Don’t touch your screen accidentally and to never make mistakes.

Product or Service Mentioned: Tophatter Bidding.

Location: Calgary, Alberta

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