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I am a legit seller and have been selling coins on eBay for over 20 years with sales near $200K per year in the majority of those years. I have sold literally thousands of coins on eBay.

Top Hatter decided to declined my seller account stating that I was not capable of living up to their standards... I see the junk, copy, plated coins that they sell there, many of which are outright counterfeits... bait and switch tactics with coins and misleading posts. I wanted to try to bring some ethical standards to the coin buyers there.

From most of the reviews that I have read, they are obviously not interested in ethics whatsoever.

Any way, I did not really need to use their site as an additional selling forum. Now that I have read the thousands of horrific reviews about their site, I can say that I am very happy that I do not meet their "qualifications." It looks like they need more rip off sellers peddling junk coins that have no value.

Product or Service Mentioned: Tophatter Account.

Reason of review: poor seller selection.

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I see an awful lot of that on eBay as well ; counterfeits violating The Hobby Protection Act.Not to mention cleaned, altered, artificially toned, tricky or poor photography, "stock" photos, incorrect descriptions and/or category listings, excessive shipping prices, etc.I started collecting in 1961 and the rule has always been "caveat emptor" regardless of the sales venue ; then it was crooked local shops, poor lighting at coin shows, shysters. purveyors of inaccurate information, etc.

You will never reform any of it so just do your best to accurately describe and photograph coins and ... be fair at all times.


This is Chinese knock off junk. Read descriptions before you buy. You are making these A**wipes wealthy but buying pure junk The shipping alone makes them a profit.



I agree they horribly mistreat their sellers. I took a little long setting up my online accounts so hired someone else to do it.. Big mistake.

to John k #1397834

Now I am blocked for what I feel is no reason and they still won’t help. They just keep sending this.

Hello Jonathan,

Thank you for writing.

Unfortunately we will not be reinstating the ability to sell on this account.

You will want to look at alternative selling platforms that are better suited for you and your business.

Best of luck in your future endeavors on other selling platforms.

Regards, Rachel G.

Sr. Seller Support/Vetting and Onboarding Specialist We are people too..

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