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Tamar Muldowney White who is the supposed owner of T.A.G.S. LLC has a Facebook page where she sells Coach purses.

I originally became acquainted with her through the Tophatter website.

She recently claimed to be selling Coach Disney purses from her Facebook site. After paying for my purchase, along with approximately 25-30 other people, and not receiving my merchandise I questioned her. My questioning her caused me to be blocked from her website, her Facebook profile, and Messenger.

I purchased the first item 4 months ago and have received numerous excuses as to why I did not receive it. No merchandise has been received to this date.

Product or Service Mentioned: Tophatter Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Fraudulent Seller.

Monetary Loss: $350.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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I was also on her 1st look group. She told me her paypal was messing up.

I had bought 3 Coach Bags from her already. So when she litterly called me she talked me into moneygram her 139.00. That was my mistake. She took me for 375.00 reason she said she refurbished and dyed them.

Her and her sister. I sent a purse to her april. Everytime i asked about it she would ignore me.

Please BEWARE OF THIS THEIF. Total money she stole from me 514.00 thats with the purse i sent her.


She has done the same thing to me. I had been getting f coach bags from here for about 4 years.

Until recently. I sent her $80.00 Back i. May and till this day I have not received anything. I questioned her several times and nothing.

She finally responded back saying she was going thru a separation And moved in with her grandmother in Mexico. That was about 2 weeks ago. She said my bag was back at her house.

Wanted my address and she would mail the bag to me. Now I am I friended on fb


Please call High Point PD in North Carolina! Officer Moss is handling my theft case with Tamar Muldowney White!!!!

I implore you, please don't let this witch do this to anyone else!!! You can reach me thru this site or leighrader@gmail.comThanks,Allison


Please contact Officer Lance Moss with High Point Police Dept. He is getting ready to file charges against her for MY theft. My name is Allison and I can be reached thru this site or leighrader@gmail.comThanks,Allison


I’ve had the same issue I bought two coach purses from her sent her the money and never received either purse she’s a thief and a liar I’m so pissed


I was scammed by her too. On the ***1st Look*** FB private page.

I, however, went to the Highpoint, NC police and they helped me immensely!!! Luckily, even tho she had blocked me, I had saved all of my correspondence with her and it was obvious she stole from when I asked for a refund, I was "blocked" and no longer able to communicate with her. Once she BLOCKED me, it was ON. That obviously screamed intent of theft and I wasn't going to put up with that.

I'll keep you posted, as the officer has given her a couple of days to pay me back or be arrested and charged with a felony.I'm sorry you all had to deal with her. If you have a significant loss, or would simply like to let the police know what happened to YOU, please contact the Highpoint Police in North Carolina!

to SpanishBison485 #1511938

That’s awesome maybe I should do that too she owes me $83 for purses not received

to Denise D. 72 #1516916

Definitely do it!!! She is/has done this to sooooo many people! Officer Moss is very nice!

to SpanishBison485 #1516924

Thank you for the information


She apparently sells under the company name of Bloomingsales and Nawal’s Designs LLC


Stay AWAY from Tamar Muldowney White with Tophatter, T.A.G.G.S, LLC or 1st look on FACEBOOK she is a fraud from *** Will take your money and never mail anything. ***

to Anonymous #1516919

I have filed charges against her for theft. Please call Officer Lance Moss at the High Point PD in NC!

Even if it's just to let him know what happened! Please!

He's a very nice man and can help you get your money back. My name is Allison and I can be reached HERE or at


She did the same to me as well. Took me for $525.00.

After getting the funds, lying for several weeks about the status of the shipment etc. finally never getting the items people from her “1st look” group started questioning her and she ran out of lies so she deleted and blocked us all like a coward.

Since we have found she has a criminal history for this sort of thing among others. Sad to deal with someone so awful.


Same thing happened to me and numerous other people.

to Anonymous #1494806

Did the same thing to me. I have dealt with her in the past and it was fine but this time she took $81.00 for an item stated it would ship last friday but came up with excuses not ti give me the tracking number. Now she said she is refunding me but have yet to see it.

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