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Ive been charged for goods i did not order my phone froze and it ordered things ive not wanted and i cant afford to pay for ive no food gas or electricity due to the order ive not ordered due to my phone freezing it was a £49 smartwatch i did not order the 1 i ordered was only £9 it has ordered other items ive not ordered myself and i have not been able to access my order on the website only once since the orders where made when i try to get my order up on the screen its showing only a blank screen i dont know why it isnt showing unpaid orders either or customer support its all showing a blank screen i think when my phone froze its put in another email address i bought my friends old phone and it was showing her details insted of mine because it was her old phone ive kept her old phone number but i changed it to my details now and its still not showing my order so i can cancel the items ive not ordered and cannot afford to buy ive sat from last week with no food gas or electricity i need that money to buy food gas and elacktricity live been chaged for some of the items being ordered when my phone froze for 5 minutes how do i get into my order to cancel the items i cant afford to buy and dont want please phone me on 07562183838 or 01698849091 or please email me at i need access to my order a.s.a.p im sreally hungry and im unwell im on disability benefit and need gas and electricity my flat is and freezing cold from last week im struggling now because of the over charge on my items ive not ordered due to my phone freezing how do i sort this to get a full refund the things i didnt order the items i did order are christmas presents please send me all the accounts details as i need this information i need to acces my order and unpaid orders as well so i can cancel the items ive not ordered why is it showing a blank screen when trying to access my order yours sincerely miss vicki wharrie x

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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