i have been paying for things and not getting them. i reordered the camera pen and paid for it twice and didn't get it, i paid top dollar for a monitor for the inside of the *** , didn't get it, bought magic sealer to seal bags , didn't get it, ordered egg cushion, didn't get it, bought 64 disk and upgraded and paid extra for the upgrade, well guess what, the upgrade didn't come with it.

what to heck is going on. paying out all this money ,can't talk to them on phone, only contact them by way of email. wow, no return answer. why doesn't this not surprise me?

oh and a good one, ordered a night vision binoculars and when it came it was a dam toy that doesn't even work. i spend a lot of money and now i am really rethinking this whole top hatter site and auction.

so if you are looking at this Top Hatter,please get back to me visa email. subject things i ordered.


trust me, this is a " real " email!!!!!

Location: Prague, Oklahoma

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