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I ordered a few packages on my account it shows my shipping address I've been tracking my packages the last few packages that I have supposedly coming to me went to Pennsylvania or to a different state but a different town saying it was delivered and it was on my porch I don't live in either one of those towns our states I live in Iowa.

I have tried to get a hold of these people because my packages are going to different states and different times when clearly on my account it shows my shipping address where is supposed to go to this is like the second time I've had problems with this and this is just happened in the last 2 days I've had my packages shipped to a different state and city where I don't live and I never requested them to be shipped there they were supposed to be shipped to my house I bought and paid for them I would like to know why this is happening on my other packages pretty much came to me why now

Location: Walnut Creek, California

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