Update by user Jan 02, 2017

The pictures above are the problem. I ordered the one on the left, but received the one on the right.

I had ordered a ring very much like the photo on the right, which I received. There were two rings in the package I received, and both had this "Amethyst Genuine Topaz".

Original review posted by user Jan 01, 2017

I just recently came across Tophatter while surfing the net for something else. And yes, I was hooked.

I say Was, because I'm over it now. Now, I would like to find a way to contact a few sellers about items tophatter says was delivered today (which were not) and one piece of jewelry I never ordered. I sent an email to Customer Service, which is a joke! I have never gotten a response to the two or three emails I already sent.

The only way to maybe getting their attention is to low rate an item. Then you are sent questions why you rated it so low. I have two items that I said I wanted to return, but I changed my mind on one and wanted to update the status, but you can't. It appears there is no accountability on this site.

I have two orders wrong and the only way I could report them is through email.

This should not be so much work for someone who bought a LOT of things between Christmas and New Years. So, this is pretty much why I am over them.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Answer their emails and make Customer Service a real group .

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Fort Worth, Texas, United States #1301506

I only got real help by going to paypal & logging a dispute with them about Tophatter. I'm over them, too.

I spent way more then a normal person should & pointed that out to them when requesting a refund on a $6 item. They would rather lose a customer them pursue a $6 refund.

Buckeye, Arizona, United States #1289614

I just noticed I had followed up on this under anonymous. My question though, is do I mark this as resolved even though their answer was pretty much "too bad".

The seller just said NO to letting me return the ring received by accident and they could send the one I actually ordered. So, as far as Tophatter, the problem was resolved.

I ended up with a ring I did not want, so IMO NO it was not resolved. Please advise.


You asked if this was resolved. It was for Tophatter and the seller.

He just refused to send me the right one and let me return the wrong one. And he refused a refund (which I never asked for) and Tophatter agreed with the seller and closed the case. With no word to me.

Just Boom! The seller just lost a customer.

As well as Topphat.

to Lyla #1383695

Well after talking to the federal courts and they did some research we know exactly where they're working out of where they're at and they said they're going to take it from here so let's everybody pay attention to all the complaints and everything that the courts have done it's nice to know that the US will do something about overseas people ripping us Americans off now they know where they're at and now they're going to do something about it so everybody sit back and enjoy the show.

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