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who added this was resolved. It sure has not been resolved

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oh my, well I ordered like 62 items over nov and dec. there is like the first 6 items I havent recieved yet.

I found charged on my credit card that was in one day mind you, had a 106.00 charge!!! I looked at the order part in the app and can see I didnt. when I looked last week all my stuff was listed, today there is only 1 page of items b4 it was 6pages long! I go into my account and coind from spinning are gone.

I had alot of the crests and now like only 3?wtf! I have not heard back from the message I sent to them, in there app, another day I had a charge of over 75.00 if you know TopHatter you bid and my bid never went over 25.00 and that was for a android phone which I have not received and it's gone along with a tablet!

I'm pissed you bet I've gotten maybe 20 items where is my other 45 items at! HELDont

Monetary Loss: $200.

Preferred solution: well I want money back that was over charged on my cc and also the missing items or refund.

Tophatter Pros: Right now, Want full refund of my orders, Long wait on delivery, I want tefund and items.

Tophatter Cons: Overcharged not getting items, Them changing stuff in my acct.

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yes, I accidentally hit the it has been resolved because it has not. so upset I hit that

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