I discovered (started ordering from) Tophatter in September. I soon discovered that although the deals are amazing, shipping is not their strong suit.

No. Not until mid to late November did the items start showing up, well only about half of them. The other half, Im still waiting on. Yes, it all is coming from China but even so, why would it send me emails showing the tracking number says item delivered to recipient ...

Say What? I sent them an email explaining that Id never received what its showing that I did receive!!?! I mean, were talking like 11 items!!! They did end up refunding my money for several of them but just in Tophatter credits...

I ordered the same 2020 Christmas ornament 3 different times, just hoping that Id actually get at least 1 of them!

Because about 1/3 of them items ordered did show up and were pretty much exactly like expected. So I really wanted this ornament and so Id won the auction to that item 3 different times and paid 3 different times and no ornament.

Location: Oak Hill, West Virginia

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