if i dont get my money or products i will come to your place and take care of this problem i am not ghoing to let you rip me off or any of the other clints that used my come[uter to buy things and you removed all there names from the list of people on my computer ewhy would you do this when they ordered alot of items and you havent sent half of them i will also get the law involved for theft . you better respon to these problems or you will be takering care of this in person dont think because i am in oregon you dont have to worry just wait and see if you dont respond right away lt wont only be me but all the people you removed to try and scam them you might have got away with this for a while but i am going to get this fixed i promise so i will see you soon

and you wont like it but i will take this matter i my hands so be aware i will be their soon and so will police

Reason of review: dont send items after being paid which is theft and no customer service line when i am finished you will operate honestly or be dshut down i will get all pissed of people involved wait you will see also irs needs to check your books.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

Preferred solution: you better look up all items ordered from this location and get all items sent and get a customer phone number like other bussiness that do things fight not like the theives your are.

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