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I can never get on the website. It always goes into a freeze mode.

What's up with that may I ask. What a waste of my time. Some things like rings but I cant see my order because of the tech problem or log out.

Can't be that busy all the time day after day, time and time again. out of words, my point has been made the item i did receive the box was smashed up and on another the envelope was tore takes longer for the shipping so order very sooner than you think you need too, like a couple of months early good luck with top=hatter peeps look i made the 100 word requirement.

Product or Service Mentioned: Tophatter Website.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Same problem here ,,does not allow you to scroll


tried to bid on 6 different articles today (one for my grandson) got frozen out every time. Can't bid on anything......just freezes up on me.

This is ridiculous. when will it stop or do you care?


Site freezes up all day and all night. They don't even care if you bid or not!!!

Horrible experience.

been trying for 2 days to buy ... impossible.


Ray there is a website. Not just the app!

And it does freeze, all the time!

Can't get pass entering my email to sign up. Then it freezes.


I used it for 5 days in the phone app, but now the bid bar scrolls once and not again (freeze mode?) so now I can’t bid.

But still works on my home PC in the webpage. So not sure what’s up with the phone app.


It is not a website. Tophatter is an APP

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