So as you were learning to bid on top pattern all the ins and outs of the whole thing it takes time to take in everything that you need to know in order to operate properly during the process there are mistakes that are made and even as you are scrolling sometimes you accidentally bid on things that you don't mean to bet on and I have already won several things I didn't mean to win and when I canceled the orders they would suspend the service for a day or two now it's also keep in mind that I have also dropped a lot of money with this business I've spent a lot of money with them it's not like I was just on there playing around I was spending money legitimate money that had my heart earned money while they didn't even care because guess what they suspended my service and won't reinstate it only to have sent me a faulty camera that I was going to put inside of my home that down and I'll switch it doesn't even work now it says that they won't return the item so they want to give me store credit which will do me absolutely no good when they want to reinstate my benefits now will it I'm sorry but it's just me but this company I think needs to learn how to do business and appreciate those who do business with them a little more!

User's recommendation: Klever.

Location: Sumter, South Carolina

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