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I have been a member of Tophatter for some years now. I recently became a partner.

It means I could sell higher volumes. Let me give you a piece of advice... it is not worth it. Following you will see an example of the fees they charge and the $ you make.

I sold a set of 6 Kleancolor nail polish. My cost is $3. The item sold for a total of $15 ($10 for the item plus $5 for shipping) Fees: Listing fee $1 Label cost: $3.45 Commission fee (30%): $4.50 Processing fee:$0.74 Total fees taken: $9.69 My item cost: $3.00 Total: $11.69 My profit: $3.31 That does not include the $ I send of gas when I go drop off at the post office or uy my product. Nor the time I send printing, wrapping the package.

The envelope I use or the bubble wrapping. I wish buyers would know all this when they purchase so they have an idea of what the sellers are making. Basically, in order to make money sellers are being forced to sell cheap inexpensive products at a super inflated rate. I do understand that the system they use is expensive and they platform costly, however, pages like Amazon and eBay take much less percentage for a better site.

We need to do something for the split is more fair and the sellers hard work better paid. Attached you can find a snapshot of my dashboard so you can see it for yourself.

Thanks for providing me with the opportunity to show a little bit of our reality. Stella

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Don't sell on Tophatter.com.

New York City, New York, United States #1321227

Sorry, but then your responsibility is to stop selling through them if they are taking so much..not selling cheap fake items that are advertised as REAL SILVER..GOLD..GEMSTONES...ECT and ripping off the buyers instead!

Canton, Georgia, United States #1284402

Serves ya right for selling .75 piece of *** for 20.00. Your just as bad as they are.

I am heartbroken I spent a lot of money have not received one thing yet and am so disappointed.

Going to take me a long time to pay off that 1000.00 bucks on my credit card. Valuable lesson learned.

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