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I have had the identical bad experience with the seller MN WATCHES on Tophatter. I also bought many colognes from MN WATCHES and I can say with absolute certainty that they are fake.

After having purchased hundreds of dollars worth of fragrances, one day I was prompted to take a magnifying glass and examine closely the labels stuck to the bottom of the bottle.

I was shocked to find numerous spelling errors, including the name of the designer!!! I took photos of what I found and sent them to Tophatter, and yet this vendor is still selling counterfeit fragrances on the site. Out of all the numerous typos I found, I will just provide here a brief sampling: 1) I purchased a supposed bottle of "Si" by GIORGIO ARMANI.

In tiny letters on the bottom label it reads GLORGLO ARMANI. Does anyone really believe that authentic bottles would include such an error in the name??

2) Same label indicates MADE IN FRANGE, instead of FRANCE. Now here's the best of all - in even smaller lettering it reads GOPGO APWAN PAPPUMS instead of GIORGIO ARMANI PARFUMS.

3) Bottom label on Ralph Lauren's "Romance" indicates the word FRAGRAGRANCES instead of FRAGRANCES.

Really??? Ralph Lauren's empire does not know how to spell the word fragrances?? There are many others, but for the sake of brevity I will not list here all the typos I found on multiple bottles.

I sent pictures to Tophatter and I was told that I was not entitled to a refund due to the fact that it was beyond the 30 day return policy.

I provided Tophatter with irrefutable proof that the fragrances are counterfeit, but yet Tophatter still allows this vendor to sell. Tophatter knows that the colognes are fake, however they do not want to ban the seller and lose the percentage of fee they make off of each sale. It's truly disgraceful. We need to get the word out.

Occasionally I go to the site just to see what's going on and I feel badly for all the innocent people who are being duped like I was into buying fake colognes.

These customers truly have no idea that the fragrances are counterfeit and MN WATCHES continues to receive 5 star ratings.

I have included here photographic evidence that the bottles are counterfeit:

1) Bottom label of bottle of Si by GIORGIO ARMANI showing GLORGLO and made in FRANGE. The portion that reads GOPGO APWAN PAPPUMS is difficult to read in the photo because the lettering is so tiny.

2) Bottom label of bottle of Romance by Ralph Lauren showing the word FRAGRANCES SPELLED AS FRAGRAGRANCES.

3) Bottom label of Armani Code Turquoise showing made in FRANOE instead of FRANCE. Look below the large number and see GORGO ARMAN.

4) Light Blue by Dolce Gabbana.

See how the letters of name of fragrance all peeled off on front of bottle.

Despite the fact that I provided these photos to Tophatter the seller MN WATCHES continues to sell these fake fragrances on the site.

I believe the counterfeit bottles are probably coming from China, however I am not certain of that. They are shipped from an address in NY.


Monetary Loss: $700.


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