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my account was banned for 1 week,because some {{REDACTED}}"JACK CHOU,decided to block payment,(INVALID TRANSACTION),so I had to cancel the item from his site,so as to get back to be able to bid,but to my surprise,the item from a company known as WHERE,was also displayed as,INVALID TRANSACTION,so had to also cancel that,to try and get into the auction site,again,then what happens......YOU {{Redacted}}BLOCK MY ACCOUNT FOR A WEEK AND THE FAULT HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH ME,......BUT "*** ME!!"......I AM JUST SOMEONE THAT KEEPS *** {{Redacted}} LIKE YOU IN A *** JOB,SO YOU DON'T CARE A *** ABOUT ME,SO WHAT ABOUT YOU {{Redacted}}FIXING UP THE PROBLEM WITH MY ACCOUNT AND PUT ME BACK IN THE SYSTEM AND RELEASE ME FROM YOUR *** BAN!! AND THAT OTHER ***....JACK CHOU....HE BETTER SEND OUT MY OTHER ORDERS THAT HE HAS BEEN PAID FOR,BEFORE ALL THIS *** *** HAPPENED.I REALLY WONDER WHY I AM SO *** STUPID AS TO GO BACK INTO THE TOPHATTER SITE,FOR IT'S A *** NIGHTMARE.......ALL FOR THEM AND *** ALL FOR YOU AND I AND I BET THERE'S PROBABLY THOUSANDS THAT HAVE HAD THE SAME *** *** WITH THEIR ACCOUNTS AND GOT THE SAME *** PETTY TREATMENT........STUPID *** {{Redacted}} MAY AS WELL SEND ME TO THE *** "NAUGHTY CORNER".

Product or Service Mentioned: Tophatter Account.

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