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Yes.. My name is Lavinya Galarza and I'm a buying customer we'll in July I purchased a iPhone6 plus gold from one your sellers themobileshop...

and this my 4 complaint to your site, I was scammed put of $250 I never got my product... on the deceription it read contact them directly with the txt# or watsupapp Skype or there e-mail themobileshoprepresentative @gmail. com... We'll I txt the number asking about wat need to be done to purchase the phone because it was for my daughters birthday...

The individual txt me saying they need my info then make payment to them with money gram... So I sent the money gram I still have my e-mail showing when and it was picked up.. So the indivausl called to me everything went through and my phone be sent out and I'd receive it in 3-5 days... I never did nor did I receive my tracking number so I e-mailed them txt the seller then was told my item was on hold to custom because I needed to send $100 to have it shipped I refused to send anymore money when in the description didn't read that...

This point I felt scammed so I requested my refund back... They refused at first til I said I'd report them... So. they told me they send my money through paypal card, witch I ask why I couldn't get my money back the same way I sent it to the seller witch was money gram it also was a individual name the money gram was put in saying he eas a rep.

that worked for themobileshop... We'll come to find out they made a acct. E-mail in my name LavinyaGalarza446@gmail. com and had paypal send me a bizzness debit card..

I called paypal yesterday 8-13-16 I was told that they didn't want be apart of this that I been scammed that it was against there poilicey for this seller to make a acct e-mail in my name link to a paypal bizzness card that there was no refund on it and paypal blocked it because it's a card that money goes directly into that's limited.. That themobileshop is a scam and there useing paypal to cover them to make it seemed like they refunded my money and they haven't.. That I was actually talking to a person through e-mail not a bizzness... I have all the txt..

Converction and e-mail still... I can screen shot everything... If needed to prove.. Anyway the seller in email telling me they sent payment on the card so they can't pay me twice...

I never received my refund u can't get paid twice if it never was sent and paypal block the card because they beleave to be a scam...

Now can someone get bk to me there poor sellers rating 0...I just want my money bk... Pissed custmer..

Product or Service Mentioned: Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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What a TOTAL NIGHTMARE EXPERIENCE for you! Reading this, I got more and more P.O.

with every new detail !!

Have you thought about suing Tophatter?

Sounds like you'd surely win, and make Tophatter liable for ALL yout court costs plus compensation for the emotional duress they put you through from all this.

If it was me, I'd get a Personal Injury Attorney who will take your case on a Contingency basis,

If you're still p.o'd enough, it could be worth it..

Anyway, It's an idea..and meanwhile, in know that I am truly sorry they put you through all that painful, draining B.S. !!

to Cyn #1374850

Sorry for the grammaritical errors


Well frankly this scares me. I used PayPal for most of the purchases.

I am trying to fund a medical account Veterans Admin. doesn't pay for. Was going to resell the items to get the account in force.

I haven't rated yet. I still am having difficulty after surgery and need to go thru more surgeries.

I don't need the threat of a major infraction dealing with a crooked fraudulent company.

PayPal supposedly has a safety measure to protect customers. Why isn't this enforced?

Why aren't ppl being held responsible? If they post it / print it, they must honor it.


Learn how to spell/ speak English and you might be taken seriously.

to Anonymous Madera, California, United States #1342051

You have no idea what life experience has cause this illiterate communication. However, their point was made that there was a problem that needed addressing.


Arrogance towards other's misfortunes show a lack of appreciation of your on blessings! How can you be a part of the solution?

to Anonymous #1407185

Um because there was so much explanation, it actually appears to be compete ***!

Seriously they fit the profile of a serial liar.

And from personal experience I know the company tophatter is very good at standing behind the customer.

And will issue a full refund as part of buyers guarantee. So little Texas whiner is full of *** !

to allergic2bs #1407582

You may have had good luck with tophatter but not everyone has so keep your opinions to a civilized response or just be quiet.

to Anonymous #1374852

A Language disconnect can and does create endless problems.

Hyattsville, Maryland, United States #1255166

You got scammed....you never ever pay anything by moneygram, or western union..never..always use paypaa,

to Anonymous Seattle, Washington, United States #1325918

Don't ever send money thru money gram that's the way the scammers get their money because there's no way for the money to be tracked thru places like money gram or western union anytime they ask you to send money thru these places DON'T DO IT YOU'RE BEING SCAMMED!! I had to learn the hard way to I'm so sorry you went thru this !!

to Anonymous #1374851


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