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STAY FAR, FAR AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!! I was excited when I first found it, and ordered 30+ things in the first week!

As they came in, there was something wrong with each and every one of them! THEIR MAKE-UP IS FAKE! THEIR JEWELRY (that they say is .925 sterling silver) IS FAKE! THE ITEMS YOU RECEIVE DON'T MATCH THE PICTURE!

THE CHEAP, FLIMSY ELECTRONICS COME WITH COMPONENTS THAT DON'T FIT INTO U.S. OUTLETS, AND THE INSTRUCTIONS ARE IN CHINESE!! I've now received all 9 Kylie Jenner makeup products I ordered, and all 9 were FAKE! Look at the pictures of these bronze palette KJ eyeshadows they sent me!

THESE ARE THE EXACT SAME ITEM, SO WHY ARE THEY SO DIFFERENT??? I ordered a .925 "sterling silver" necklace and got this gumball machine reject instead! I took it by a jeweler yesterday and guess what? YUP!

FAKE! AND LOOKS NOTHING LIKE THE PICTURE! (And I didn't get the gift box either!) So, if I'm sent a fake necklace that looks nothing like the picture and is missing the gift box, they'll surely make the seller pay the return postage, right?? WRONG!!

Oh, and by the way, if you don't pay extra to add a tracking number, THEY WON'T ACCEPT THE RETURN!! I also want to add, if you still want to take your chances with this app, BE VERY CAREFUL!! The pictures can be VERY misleading! People are paying $50 + shipping for what looks like a laptop/iPad, but make sure you don't miss the teeny-tiny little writing that says "ipad not included"!

Sure, you can cancel your order, but then they suspend your account! I 100% BELIEVE THAT THEY DO THIS ON PURPOSE, AND HOPE THAT WHEN YOU REALIZE WHAT YOU GOT, YOU'LL JUST KEEP IT RATHER THAN PAY $30 TO SHIP IT BACK TO CHINA!! A final thought: the bidding is rigged. I believe they have "bots" bidding items up, making sure they sell for their REAL minimum.

(You really think you're getting that video camera for $1 + $6 shipping?!) Every time I would go on there, I would see the same names bidding on EVERYTHING, and these same "people" were there no matter what time of day I went on! Oh, I almost forgot! They offer a $10 credit for referrals, but if you do get your friends/family to use the link you provided, and then make several purchases, YOU WILL NEVER RECEIVE THE CREDIT! Instead, you get excuses for why you PROBABLY didn't get it.

Ummm, would it be asking too much for you to do your friggin' job and look into that for me? OF COURSE IT IS! Tophatter ONLY responds with PRE-WRITTEN VERBIAGE!

Whether or not you believe or agree with my big, long spiel, you can't argue with the pictures. They're worth 1,000 words-- or 10,000 in this case:) YOU'VE BEEN WARNED!!!!!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Necklace.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Company wrote 0 private or public responses to the review from Sep 23, 2017.
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I completely agree! They are selling dollar items and the betting is rigged. I deleted the app after my 3 cheap items arrived.


Ordered 5 items. Two of them never arrived.

Of the 3 that arrived: one broke while trying to push a button to turn it on, the second is nowhere close to the description/online pictures and the third one is acceptable. Wrote asking about the two never received. Actually they have a tracking number but the timeline just stops at the "Ship From" destination and never progresses any further. Got a refund for one of them.

Didn't got a reply concerning the other two items. Chalked it to a "learning experience" since it is not worth the time and effort to pursue.

Maybe what they count on to "nickel-and-dime" customers. Just passing it along to reduce the amount of people that get taken with this ruse.


This is some what correct the products are fake and cheap as can be but they will refund your order every single time I have purchased a bunch of things from here and returned probably 80% of it for my full money back and they say to keep the item for free


Besides this crooked company Tophatter thats misleading and run by bots driving up prices whats everyone's opinion on Dealdash ? Or is this just another misleading crooked company


All you have to do is say the item arrived damaged and they refund you your moneybsyraight away .I have scammed the site about 60/times.I have 11 different accounts and after recieved every item i have process a refund and been refunded instantly.Yeah most of the stuff is naff but hasnt cost me a penny lol.

to John b #1515497

You got very lucky then (and I'm sure having 11 accounts also helps!). Even when I did receive something that I stated was either damaged or nowhere near matching the description (and I learned to read those VERY closely), they weren't willing to do anything after the first claim I made unless I was willing to pay shipping AGAIN to return it.After the first few items turned out to be crap, I just refused delivery on everything else that arrived.I normally wouldn't condone or commend the intentional scamming of a company or individual, but in this case, good for you! It's not right BUT this company scams and screws people over on a daily basis, so they're getting a little of their own medicine,!

to John b #1532075

Lol thats awesome give them a taste of their own medicine. ...

you should give out a training seminar on how you do that !! Good guys 1 -vs- Crooked Company 0


Sorry you had to experience that scenario. Thank you for helping me avoid something similar.

to Irene #1515493

Thank you, but glad it kept you from possibly going through something similar! :)





to ThunderousEagle #1510526

I bought probably 20 items before I received my first order. Once I realized that the first couple orders were cheap crap, I just started refusing delivery of everything that arrived after that.

If you have anything else coming, I would recommend doing that. Even if you've opened the package, they should let you return things and get your money back. Save all email correspondence with them, and contact the Better Business Bureau and attorney general. If you don't mind putting the time and effort in, just be persistent in getting your refund, and you should get it.

I cannot believe this company is still in business, honestly.

Biggest scam ever, and I hope all the people getting rich from that company get sued and end up broke and miserable because that's what they deserve! Good luck!


Stay away from sportsman G When they were small A real good company . But now Zero Boss man Use be real good To work for but now .

!!!All of the heads want eveN lspeak to you. Thay out of touch with the workers. Thay for got where thay came from. All of them is very very rich now and I mean rich lol.

Take your hard money.

To Walmart ! But thay would not care all of them very rich now !!


Also run by bots....going twice...as soon as it clicks off someone magically bids...all the time...bot run scam.


Yes definitely a scam. I ordered what looked like a camera but was the lens instead.

Misleading pics. 18K on a gold chain is plated and not real. Ordered a sheet set that didn't say what it was made of. I googled the name brand and it was microfiber and walmart sells it for 14 bux and not 19 plus 6 dollars shipping...lol...buyer beware.

Google it all! Research..

to wolfman #1451662

Super late reply, but I'm glad you mentioned finding it at Walmart. EVERYTHING they sell on Tophatter can be purchased on Ebay (and other places) for much less $$$!!And yes, for sure run by bots!! Complete scam.


Thank you for confirming exactly what I suspected - A SCAM!!

to Anonymous #1381132

Whatever I can do to help others avoid this scam! I'm still waiting on 12 refunds for items I had to ship back to China, and they have all claimed to have not received the items. I just want be done with this horrible experience!!

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