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I was really injoying ordering items and making bids.

The reson an so upset is because after my last 7 orders I won. I paid for everything.

Even though the makeup I won the bid on, must have been all gone. Thats. Why yall out in $500 back in my account.

So ONCE FOR THIS WULL BE MY LAST 5 TEXT MESSAGE I HAVE LEFT. Which I can't understand why yall don't hire Human customers Services workers to answer phone calls.

So we as customers wouldn't have to text no book pages which it is more than a simple question. So like I have said, on my back 5 texts. My Bank card was stolen. So then I had to reorder a new Bank card which takes up to 7 to 10 business days to get here.

So as you can see from my other Bank Card I did make up to 7 orders that my Card did pay for my items.

But I still have 3 more orders that didn't get paid for, all because thats when my card got stolen. So anyways now I have my new Bank Card and ready to pay for those 3 items as well, want to bid for another Bank Box &;;; the wooded Crochet Hammock.

I was told they came in different colors. So why didn't I get to see the colors that I could have ordered. So I am still wanting to buy other one for my other daughter.

Hopefully I'll be able see the different colors. Would be very Special if some came in just rainbows colors. For sure yall would definitely will have to stay full in stocks. Am just an old Hippie and have plenty of Gay friends.

That have seen the Hammock.

Which I do mean a whole bunch of my old & am a Mother of a daughter that has a Beautiful Wife. So Rainbow Iknow this company's will be millionaires with in 3 months just because of the Hammocks well stay sold out.

Just dont for get about me.

I just would love to have enough money to beable to buy an areca of Land then put a Double wide on.

Please as soon as a customer service representative sees this please respond ASAP

Sonia Hage

01-09**-**-2021more RainbowsHamocks-2021mor

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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