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I've ordered a bunch of different items and bunch of the same item. No issues whatsoever except for a quadcopter drone that has been stuck in L.A.

for 20 days. Jul 23, 2018 - 10:12 pm Processed Through Facility USPS

ISC LOS ANGELES CA (USPS). If the most recent status is anything regarding Processed Through ISC let me assure it has not been. Processed through as scanned-in at the arrival bay maybe.

But that means it's still waiting for inspection or whatever at customs. I can only imagine the crazy amount of packages per day that flow through that facility. I also know of many stories during my research which states how BAD it is at the USPS Customs location where only 30 customs agents are employed. Tophatter states after 09/13 I can get a refund.

That would be 60 days stuck at customs.

Many items can be found cheaper on E-Bay. Many items are VERY misleading in their pictures. Must read the info in the description. I also laugh at how many overpay.

You can purchase items directly from seller.

So if you pay $8 for magic sponges you are getting ripped off, you could have just gone to seller's page and bought directly. lol.

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